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Punta Yarns is the registered trade mark of the hand knitting yarn division from Exlan SA,

Exlan SA, founded in 1982 by owner Jorge Sposto, is a family run company specializing in product development for knitwear, with vertical production concept, starting from: fiber selection, spinning yarns, dyeing, knitting and packaging for the most well known designers in both the USA and Europe.

The goal to develop: Soft, Elegant, Luxurious, Natural, Unique and Creative knits & yarns has helped us to become one of the most successful knitwear production sources in South America.

All our yarns were created from the hand knit point of view and with the highest quality standards.

In 2006, Exlan SA made the decision to enter in the retail hand knitting market and started offering some of the most sought after and sophisticated yarns of it’s designer collection in USA and world wide.

From the beginning Punta Yarns brand name, was inspired in Punta del Este, one of the most beautiful tourist resorts located in Uruguay/South America, as the concept matches very well with the kind of blends and yarns we present in all our collections.

Very soon we discovered that each uruguayan has his/her favourite Punta beach resort, as Punta del Diablo, Punta Rubia, Punta Colorada, Punta Gorda, Punta Carretas, etc., so we realized that uruguayan coast is plenty of puntas, each one with its own charme.

The same way, along all Latin America coast, there are so many Puntas, famous by its beauty, as Punta Leona in Costa Rica, Punta Cana in Dominican Republic, Punta Mita in México, Punta Valdes in Chile/Argentina, Punta Guilarte in Puerto Rico, Punta Barco in Panama, etc., etc., etc.

So, we found that all Puntas share the same natural beauty as our Punta Yarns, that reflex our trademark target of introducing to the global market.

In the other hand "punta" means top and to be in the vanguard, perfect concepts for a brand that is in permanently innovation.

Our Collections selection are anincredible mixing of: natural blends, solid, space dyed and hand painted colors. We think that there is a very short bridge between: technology, art, handicraft and creativity. We feel we crossed all bridges in our yarns collection.

We hope everybody enjoys our collections and website.


Ask for USA Rep in your area to: distributioncenter@puntayarns.com, other countries: international@puntayarns.com